TomTom replacement under guarantee

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Hi - I’ve just been told by Halfords that due to COVID-19 they cannot replace my Tom Tom and that I need to contact you.

I need an urgent replacement please - I am a driver and will struggle to work without my TomTom.

I bought this February 2020 - pic of receipt attached.

Twice I’ve had to return to Halfords during this period. The machine won’t hold its charge - it intermittently doesn’t work. They gave me a new charge cable but that has not resolved it either.

How can I receive my replace my quickly please?



  • DougLap
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    Hi @Stuartchapman3

    Are you using the Supplied Tomtom Charger unit or ar you plugging the TT cable into a USB socket on the vehicle or a 3rd Party Charger unit.