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hello i have a question.

i use the go 600 truck tom tom and the mydrive app on my iphone. and yes i put the mydrive app on truck with all the messerments from hight-weight enz enz

when i enter a adres in the mydrive app and ask the route he gives me 3 options with the time it cost to come there.
when i pick one and i send it to the tomtom , the tom tom takes his own route.not the route i sellected.

so why doesn't the tom tom don't follow the route i select in the mydrive app ???

on the tomtom i can only choose from quickest road or fastest road, but in my opinion there must bee another option with "follow mydrive" but there is not.

soo what is the use of it then. ??

can somebody please explain what it is ????


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    In order to use a route previously created in MyDrive, it must be saved in MyDrive and the "Synchronize this route as a route with my devices" button must be activated.
    Here is an example from the Android MyDrive app
    Choose the route you want to take and tap on the small arrow to the right of the trip duration

    Tap on the Button "Save in my Routes"

    Activate the switch "Synchronize this route as a route with my devices" and then tap on "Save"

    When your device now has synced with MyDrive you can find the Route as a "Track" under "My Routes" in your sat nav. With a dotted arrow in front of the Routname

    Note: A "track" is a kind of breadcrumb trail that your navigation system wants to follow. Traffic jams and roadblocks are ignored on a track.

    (Sorry for the German screenshots)
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    Thanks for the answer Lochfrass. But i am a truck driver. And unload on 20 places a day so if i have to do this 20 times a day 5 days a week it is a bit much. So i think i have to look for another de ice because this sucks. The tom tom takes or the fastest or shortes route but that means he navigate through bussy city’s instead of around. And that’s no option with a truck