My device won’t connect with my computer even after several hours

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My GO 6200 will notconnect to my computer to update


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    Hi and welcome to the Forum where TomTom Users help each other.

    Your Go6200 is a wifi device. Updates can be made via Wlan. Updates are then displayed under Menu/Settings/Updates and new elements in the device.

    Only if no WIFI connection is possible, updates can be made with the help of the PC. It is absolutely necessary that the program "MyDrive Connect" runs at least minimized on the PC.
    The previously completely shut down navigation device can now be connected to the PC and should start automatically after plugging the USB cable into the PC.
    On the PC you will probably see this picture

    The device now ONLY gets the internet connection from the PC. All actions to update and load maps must be done via the display of the navigation device