Carminat SD card problem

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I updated my carminat SD card from my 2012 Renault Megane on my laptop but now the cars built in GPS isn't recognising it & it refuses to start up. Please advise. Thank you


  • xwintech
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    More information please. Any errors it displays? Also reinstall the navkit, that may help.

    1. Connect the SD card to the computer
    2. Open TomTom Home
    3. Click "Manage my device"
    4. Remove the TomTom Software
    5. Wait until the work gets done
    6. Go back and click on "Update my device"
    7. Do all the updates and remove the SD card
    8. Insert it into the car and start it up

    Hope this helps.
  • Martin_Lewinsky
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    Removal of software failed with different errors. so 3 objects is remaning and cant be delted. Conclusion - The steps above did not solve my problem.
    In general this TOM TOM is my worst experien ever... :angry: