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MyDrive app on my iPhone is a useful app but it could be so much more useful. I have 3 requests.
1) Could we have an Import / export function for GPX files on the phone app.
2) When routes are listed could there be a coloured flag green/red to show which ones have sync switched on. Because TomTom Rider has no way of making folders my lists of routes can become too long to manage easily. The only workaround I have found is to turn off sync on those that I am not currently using to reduce list length. When using MyDrive app it would be nice to easily see which ones have been synced and are on my device.
3) Import function for POIs and the ability to see them in the map. I reduce my favourites list length by using POIs. By putting these into POI folders it's easier to navigate to which one I want. I can only import POIs using MyDrive on my MacBook. It would be useful to be able to do this on my phone. Neither phone app or web app can see POIs on their respective map. Silly !

Many thanks for reading and hoping for better functionality of MyDrive app and Web app in the future.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Levisp

    Thanks for the detailed explanation and your feedback.
    I will log these to be forwarded to our Product Team.

    Regards, Vikram