Can I have different volume for the Go app and for background music apps? Go's too low vs music

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Same question I asked about the Vio app here:

The volume of the Go app is too low compared to that of the music apps on the phone. If I use Go only, it's not an issue, I just increase the volume. But if I also listen to music in the background (Spotify, Tidal, or just an app that plays local mp3s), then the volume of the navigation is too low compared to that of the music. If I increase the volume so as to hear TomTom's directions, the music becomes deafening. If I decrease the volume, I can hear music fine but struggle to hear the directions.

Is there anything that can be done?
The Go app doesn't seem to have its own separate volume control.
It has an option for "audio output channel"; maybe I can change that from music channel to voice channel, and set one volume for calls (and therefore for directions) and one for media?

This happens both if I use the app in a car and on a bike, when the phone is paired to a Cardo Bluetooth system in the helmet.


PS There is an Android app that changes volume when certain apps are open or closed, but it's only for when apps are open or closed - it says that Android doesn't let you have a different volume for a foreground app and for a background app.


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    Wich settings do you have under Settings/Voices?
    If you set "Ringtone Channel" for channel for audio output, you can set different volumes for Go and music
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    Would that create issues if I receive a phone call while the Go app is running and set to "voice call channel"?

    Also, what is the difference among?
    • music channel
    • voice channel
    • system channel
    • notification channel
    • alarm channel
    • ring channel

    (which are the options I have)
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    I think you can best test which channel is the best for you. It may be that if you have selected the ringtone channel and set it quietly, you may not be able to hear the ringing.
    Simulate a short route and then call yourself, that's how you see what happend.
    Change the volume only while instructions are being given from the go App.
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    Same problem here on an Android based head unit. I just installed the Go App and it seems really good except for the volume issue.

    The channels are confusing. Only one that works at all for me is System. Unfortunately, volume is really low. On the head unit, changing volume for one thing changes it for everything.

    Need an in app volume setting just for the app similar to setting in Google Maps.