How to find my current location on RIDER 450?

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hi i have a tomtom rider 450 and my question is how do i pin point my location in case of a brake down exetra
one of my tomtoms had a help me button which if you clicked on it gave you the exact address and gps co
ordinets were you are to phone help i found this very helpfull but my rider does not have this funtion

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  • tisped
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    yes is that your current position then i thought that was just a example
  • DougLap
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    Hi @tisped

    On the car units it is definitely your Current position if the device has locked onto the Sats.

  • tisped
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    hi thanks douglap for the info
  • JXTom
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    I asked TomTom to add a button 'where am I" I remember that my Garmin had one too.
    My reason is that suppose your in a crash, and you need to get the emergency quickly to the spot where you are at that moment. Your in panic.. So an easy to find button on
    the Rider would be great.
    TomTom answered something like: thats not important..
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    Hiya, I'm struggling to find an option to see my location in long/lat. I found this option but it's to set up as destination. Recently had a break down and had to send long/lat details of my current location but could not find it on my tomtom6250. Please advise
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    Welcome to the site...
    Tap on the four dot Icon (....) Screen Bottom left....
    Tap Search Icon
    Tap (Top right on screen) Tap Whole map....
    Note.... On some units (I think) it says Installed Maps
    Scroll down
    Tap Latitude Longitude Icon
    When the device has a "GPS Satellite lock"
    The Latitude and Longitude shown on the screen as an example are....
    Live for your location

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Tomtomfan_1

    As my post above advised when you have Tapped Long/Lat the examples shown are your current position. ie they are not random examples but your actual position provided the unit has locked onto the satellites.
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    I can see the Long/Lat being really useful if one breaks down somewhere on the Dakar Rally and assuming you've got a Sat phone and can recite all the Long/Lat digits in the right order, tricky if you are also a bit hurt.

    It occurs that a better solution would be the "What3Words" system assuming Tomtom can be arsed to:
    a) understand their customer's needs
    b) there's anyone left there that can do this sort of stuff.

    Check out

    I've even seen this advertised on UK TV and, apparently, our emergency services support it.

    Perhaps a simpler way would be:
    "I am on the <insert road ID> between intersecting roads <insert road ID> and <insert road ID>"

    Yeah, Tomtom made their kit better by removing the easy My Location button feature making this one another great idea DOOMED to failure.