Connecting my PRO 5150 to the computer

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Hi all I need to recover my 5150 and I need to connect to my computer with out using my mount does anyone know how to do this?


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    Welcome to the site....
    Re... The Tomtom PRO truck 5150.... I searched Google images for PRO truck 5150 and I can only find a shadowy image of the underside of the device....
    I can only see the long multi pin connection in the centre of the device, can't see a Mini or Micro USB port ???

    Could you possibly post a picture of the 5150 underside & connections ???
    Cover any Serial numbers on the device....
    Looking at the 5150 Mount on the net... I think you will need probably need this lead....

    I searched Google for....
    "USB Data Charger Cable for Tomtom GO 1000/1005/1050"



    With MyDrive Connect Installed/Running on your PC....
    Your 5150 connected a USB port on your PC using the above cable....

    Tomtom FAQ... Installing MyDrive Connect

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM