Rider 2 (2013) Sold and now the new owner cant get the free maps

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I sold my old Rider 2(2013) and the guy has connected and registered etc and now it wants to charge him for maps when it came with lifetime maps and should work. anyone else had this issue, tried to get in connect but the is no email and the support window wont connect


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    Hi @rimmerbsc

    Advise him to contact Customer Support and sort out the settings for the unit with them.

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    @rimmerbsc , If it helps I've just found this:


    I loved my Rider 2, bought circa 2008 but couple of years back was advised by TomTom that they were no longer going to support the maps in the thing and then there was the GPS date-roll-over thingy that made the thing a lot less usable. A number of the older SatNavs have been obsoleted off by this. I don't know if the 2013 version is much different, perhaps it is but I can't see them making any substantial changes and keeping it Rider 2.

    This all prompted me to update all my TT SatNavs and I have to say I much preferred the features in the older units, I'm not entirely happy, but there's no way back.

    Maybe expect a call from your buyer soon.

    There is some hope if you follow the thread (link above) to the bottom, take the link to another forum and follow from there. Seems they have an unsupported firmware version that could help the GPS fix. This leaves the current maps simply aging off