Go Premium failing to wake up

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Twice now my device has failed to wake up when re-starting the engine, what can be done to fix this or is the device faulty and in need of replacement?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Stephen_Roberts06

    Are you using the Tomtom supplied Cig charger and cable with the unit or are you plugging the cable into a USB socket. If the latter it will not be getting enough charge to run and charge the unit as well. It may be the when you stop the Units battery is low and so is struggling to restart when you turn the ignition on if it has gone flat in the meantime..

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    Try... When you are starting the car pause for a moment with the ignition switch in the AUX position, check that your Tomtom is starting, then start the car....

    Some cars turn OFF Auxiliary power sources including the 12volt power socket when starting the car engine, If you turn the key quickly your Tomtom can get confused with the quick ON/OFF/ON power pulse.....

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