Need to replace my outdated Tom Tom

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Need to replace my outdated Tom Tom. I have been offered a 30% discount for a replacement device. I do not know what device to choose. I do not use my Tom Tom too frequently so a simple device is all I need. Can somebody make recommendations for me?


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    Can anybody help me with selecting the best device for my use?
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Gpikal

    Here is Tomtom's webpage with the various current models

    The VIA 1525M/1625M models does not display or warn about Cameras or Traffic so will purely direct you and if there are any traffic problems it can help you void or cameras on the route you will not be advised.
    The GO Comfort includes 3 months of Cameras and if you want to continue being advised of cameras then you will have to pay for it.The Traffic information and the ability for the unit to direct you around traffic problems if it will be quicker is included but need the use of a Smartphone to be linked to the unit via Bluetooth

    The Supreme has a number of features which you will not need but whilst it will come with the USA maps on it you can also download any other map you want from the Tomtom range for countries around the world. Also it includes Traffic and Cameras with no on costs but again you need the smartphone to run with the unit.