Does Go Supreme power off when car turned off?

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I have just bought a Go Supreme (Model name 4PN50) and unlike my old VIA 280 it doesn't seem to power off when I switch off the car and the only setting I can find relating to this is to make it SLEEP which still runs down the battery. Short of doing a manual power off every trip is there a setting to do this?


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    Thanks for your reply Yamfazman, it's the battery in the TomTom which goes flat as the unit stays on when car ignition and accessory plug (formerly cigarette lighter socket).are off - LED on the socket adapter goes off. The old VIA280 counts down when the ignition is turned off and turns back on when the accessory switch or ignition are turned on. I am trying to find this functionality on the Go Supreme but there is nothing in system - settings to indicate it can be done.
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    Hi Again
    The only power setting option available on the NAV4 & NAV5 (Wi-Fi) devices is....
    Here... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> Battery Settings...
    Sleep automatically when disconnected from power 'ON'/'OFF'

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM