XL 335 SE clock stuck at 12:00am

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I used my xl335se on a trip last week and after we arrived at our destination the car and gps sat for 5 days without being used. When I turned on the gps to program it for my return trip my favorites were all gone and the unit had reverted back to the original factory settings but was functioning properly. When I returned home I restored my favorites by hooking it up to my computer but now the clock is stuck at 12:00am even after I reset it. I contacted TomTom support and received this response:

"I understand that clock is stuck at 12:00 on your TomTom XL335 device . Please be assured that we will try our best to assist you.
It sounds like the firmware install was bad. I would suggest doing a factory reset and test with a new drive.
· Factory Reset: How do I perform a Factory Reset? Perform a Factory Reset

I did this and restored the device but the problem still persists. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!