iOS14 doesn’t stop after Ride, drains battery

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After updating to ios14 TomTom keeps running in the background and completely drains my battery.

I’m using CarPlay.


  • Feckweed405
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    Same here. Even when I open TomTom to update maps then force close it sometimes it eats up my iPhone battery and the phone gets hot. I have to restart my phone in order to get TomTom to go away.
  • lampard
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    Hi there,

    Can you disable the option to run the app in the background from Main Menu> Settings> Run app in the background and check if the problem still occurs?

    Regards, lampard
  • Jürgen
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    I'd like to come back to you on this - on our German forum we have a user posting that disabling the app from running in the background is no workaround for this issue.

    From what I understand we have no option to quit the app in CarPlay from our end.