Problems updating my Mazda CX-5

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I have a 2015 Mazda CX-5 with a dealer installed navigation system. A few years ago, I updated the navigation system maps via the TomTom website and everything worked just fine. I've been trying to do another update and keep getting the message that my SD card from the car is damaged and TomTom Home can't repair it. The message box tells me to put the card back in the navigation system, start the car and navigation system and then turn the car off and try again. I've done this several times and it still comes up with the same error. I know the card isn't damaged because my navigation system works fine, the maps are just out of date. I contacted the dealer, and they want to sell me a new card at a cost of $400!!!! Has anyone else had this issue?


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    Hi @BrentHussin

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    As per the specifications provided in the article here, a memory card type- SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) Mazda Navigation System NB1 (LIVE): up to 4GB should be compatible to work with your built-in TomTom.

    I also see there is an active map which is available for download on your account.

    So just re-initializing the new memory card and installing the map using TomTom HOME should help you get going.




    Regards, Vikram