Map quality is appalling and getting worse

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I have been using TomTom for around 7 or 8 years and the last year or two I've noticed maps are just shoddy and poor quality. Updates are changing previously accurately mapped roads, primarily it seems to be removing bollards that make roads "no through roads". It's also changed speed limits on previously perfectly accurately mapped roads e.g. a road that was 30 into 40 is now shown as 40mph the whole length. The speed camera is still 30 though...and that's the really bizarre aspect that you have contradictory speed info...surely if a camera is set at 30 your system should question the fact the road is a 40??

A lot of roads are being altered at the moment and your system is appalling to update these. I've personally reported several roads being closed to traffic and you've accepted the changes but not closed the road on your maps...on one road you did close it on traffic, but on others you're presumably waiting for a map update and just leaving it open on live traffic, still directing people down it when it should be easy to close a road or put a blockage in via the traffic system temporarily.

As someone else said in a separate thread 2 weeks ago...Vauxhall Bridge is closed but you still only have it closed in one direction on your map. You're relying on some Joe Bloggs to report it and still haven't got it right...A major arterial road in LONDON is not correctly mapped on your traffic info!! It's like you don't care about losing customers to rivals like Waze. If someone like me living in a major city is finding the mapping and traffic info to be appallingly inaccurate then God knows what it's like for those in smaller cities.

The Limehouse link tunnel was closed on Wednesday night just gone...did you know about it? Nope....Waze did when I checked...but I'd been directed to a blockage and had to fiddle with the Satnav to work out a route that avoided the tunnel.

I've now got utterly fed up with your mapping as it just drives me up the wall and I'm constantly second guessing all its directions and the speed limits it shows. Every time I use it in central London now, it gets something wrong.

I'll be just getting a phone mount and using Waze which isn't as good for routing...all things being equal your system finds better routes...but if the maps are rubbish it doesn't help, and there's too many errors on the base map and your traffic system doesn't fix it even when I report it with GPS tagged photos to show you.


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    As an example here's fisher's lane...I reported it on mapshare a week or so ago. Nice HD gps tagged photo to show you the new "no vehicular traffic" signs that only allows buses and cycles. But nooooo....still open on your system despite accepting my report as accurate.