GPRS disconnected on Trucker 6000

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Hi I just purchased a used Tomtom trucker 6000 and it’s saying gprs disconnected. I’ve done a hard reset and it’s still disconnected could anyone help me get it reconnected please, many thanks, John


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    Hi @Johntommo

    I assume that you have taken the unit outside well away from buildings in an area with good Mobile signal availability rather than only checking the status whilst. indoors.

    If so I suggest that you contact Customer Support who can then check the units settings on the TT servers. Regrettably if the previous owner has not used the unit for, I think, 3 years the sim could have been deactivated as Mobile Sims are on telephones following long inactivity. Also if live services have not been used for 18 months TT may have deactivated it.

    Tap Support at the top of the page.
    Sign in top Right
    Tap Contact Us
    Type GPRS and hit return
    Tap Contact a technician
    Tap Chat.

    Chat is busy and so it may take a few goes to get a link. You will also need to check with them whether there is any current Subscriptionrs s for Traffic and cameras as the GO 6000 Pro only came with 1 years free T and C and so need to be renewed annually.

    It may be useful for you to read the following Post by @YamFazMan which may help as well as the subsequent posts in the same topic...