Is GO Premium faster than GO 6200?

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Hi everybody. Is Go Premium faster than 6200?I am using 620 but it is really slow.


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    cbisar wrote: »
    Hi everybody. Is Go Premium faster than 6200? I am using 620 but it is really slow.
    'NO'... it's the same CPU in all 3 devices.....

    How much free space do you have ??? Have you got the device stuffed full of Maps...
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> About... Scroll down to Free space
    The absolute bare minimum is 400MB... The more Free space available the quicker the device will process the data....

    Try logging out of your Wi-Fi....
    I find the Wi-Fi devices are more stable and more responsive in general use when you 'Forget' the Wi-Fi connection

    (You can't actually logout you can only 'Forget' the connection)
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
    Tap on your Connected Wi-Fi
    Tap (Modify) Icon
    Tap (Forget) Icon
    Tap (^) Icon Screen top right
    To verify the Wi-Fi is OFF Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) screen top right Wi-Fi logo with an 'X'

    To Reconnect to Wi-Fi.... For Updating etc....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
    Tap on your chosen Wi-Fi
    Enter your Wi-Fi Password
    Tap Done
    Tap Connect

    Unless you're using a personal My-Fi Hotspot in the car for your data connection, the only other reason for a live Wi-Fi connection is for updating the device... I turn off (Forget) Wi-Fi by default and only login for updates
    It's no big deal for updates, you only have to enter your Wi-Fi password....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @cbisar

    Just to add to @YamFazMan 's post whenever you do any updating, which you should do one at a time, it is a good idea to do a Soft Reset as shown in the attached video. This tidies up the files on completion.