Go Essential Map Update Gets to 20% Then Back to 13%

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Hello to all. First time user and technophobe here. As expected I think the technology I have - Go Essential 5 - is playing up and it's straight out of the box. Got it set up and downloaded Mydrive. Thought I would update it by plugging USB into my desktop. I don't have WIFI.

When I start the updates, it gets to 20% after 15 minutes then goes back to 13% - and carries on like this. If I press 'STOP' it asks if I want to stop downloading maps because if I do I won't have any maps.

Also, on the speedcamera update, I tried unchecking all the boxes on the Go's screen of all the European countries I won't be visiting to save time updating. But when I looked at the camera boxes again, they had all been ticked again. How to I uncheck the speed camera country boxes that I don't want to install?

Thanks for any advice.


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    I finally got fed up with the updates going round in circles and stopped it. As expected I then had no maps, so started manually installing the Europe map. This seems to be steadily downloading.

    So, by manually installing the European map - am I right in thinking I have the latestest version of maps and won't need to update now?

    EDIT> I spoke too soon. The Euro map install got to 10 % then back to zero and started again. Is the satnav faulty?
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    Hi @woodbine

    Welcome to the Community! It seems to be the issue with the network connectivity as I can see the map download is in the queue. Please have a look at the YamFazMan's response here to update the device via USB.

    Regards, lampard