Why does my Sat Nav take me down restricted roads resulting in a PCN

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It seems my Tom Tom GO does not recognise restricted roads particular those that have time bands when the road is not accessible. Not helped by signs that are so small and littered with other road signs and driving through an unfamiliar city. Are there any plans for Tom Tom to obtain information from councils to navigate users around roads that are restricted rather than guiding that user down a road that could result in a PCN!


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    In reality all of the Navigation PND's should be used as a Driving aid, they are not a Driver replacement....

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    Hi YamFazMan,

    Thanks for your reply and yes granted they should not be a replacement, however the fact it actually guides you down a road that is restricted is a bit disconcerting. I think without a Sat Nav in the good old days of maps people tended to plan routes but the reliance on Sat Navs these days is leading drivers into a false sense of security. Unfortunately there does not seem to be an option on Tom Tom to say "stick to the main roads" which is allowing the system to take short cuts around traffic some of which may not be legal. I think councils are getting wise to the fact that people tend to rely on their Sat Nav particularly when in an unfamiliar city and put up a myriad of signs which are easily missed.

    I see Garmin Sat Navs have made progress in this area so not sure why Tom Tom can't do the same, after all the data is out there just like electric charge points, points of interest, garages, etc. Restricted roads just like Toll Roads surely can be incorporated could they not?

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    Hi @welshtraveller

    I note your comment in the second paragraph. There is no way that any Sat nav company will have error free routing indeed the one you mention has until recently been a prime example as far as I am concerned..

    Just one example is that until recently it has been directing me past a junction and then through a Shopping parade car park before returning and taking the junction it told me to ignore. It has recently stopped doing that but instead of just taking the junction it used to ignore it still passes it and ignores the shopping parade and routes me an additional 2 miles for what should be a 2 mile journey. By the way the unit concerned is a Camper device which has all the dimensions and weight details of my vehicle. I also have the TT Camper unit and it directs me correctly although I am sure there will be somewhere that it gets wrong but so far I have not found it.

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    Hi Doug,

    That was an interesting route indeed and quite bizarre!

    I'm sure Sat Nav's will improve over time since my GO 6200 is well capable of directing me around traffic jams and warning of temporary road works and speed cameras (temporary and fixed). I guess at some point there will be an option to select "Main Roads only" or "Avoid minor roads". After all we can avoid "Toll Roads", "Car Pool" lanes and so on already.