On/off button has stopped working

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I cannot turn off my device or soft reset it. It goes to sleep when not powered. I have reset the unit twice to no avail and it is up to date. How can I do a fresh install of the software? Or anyone else had and solved this problem? Go 5100


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    Hi there Espadon -
    If your Go 5100 goes to sleep when not connected to a power supply, power up the device and keep it connected via the supplied usb cable whilst carrying out these steps:
    On the bottom of the main screen, tap “.... Menu”, then scroll right and tap “Settings”, scroll right and tap “System” then look or scroll down and tap “Battery settings”.
    If the slider button is showing green, then tap this to turn off and return to the main screen. This will now stop your device going to sleep when disconnected from power.
    Now try to turn off your Go 5100 using the power button and if possible, leave the device connected to a power supply (preferably at home) for a couple of hours just to give it a good charge.