TT550 Bluetooth issue

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Hi having issue with my new TT550....It just will not connect to my smart phone for traffic data, smart phone, see who's calling settings.... just keeps saying unable to connect it has done in past but very hit and miss then but now it just will not I have cleared all out and reset etc and made new BT connection with phone but still its sees my phone but just says unable to connect


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    Welcome to the site...
    There's an unresolved problem with the Apple iPhone iOS 13 & iOS 14 and the Advanced Smartphone features of the MyDrive App... If you can live without the bells & whistles of the MyDrive App... Just use a straight simple Bluetooth Connection....

    Setting up the Phone....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Bluetooth --> Add Phone
    Scroll the screen to display the Question mark Icon ( ? ) Screen bottom right
    Tap on the ( ? ) Question mark Icon....
    Select... Not interested in all of these features
    Connect without the MyDrive App
    Follow the on screen instructions... To connect over basic Bluetooth
    DO NOT Connect Your iPhone to the MyDrive App....

    For more Info... See Posts by @jures @kieron & @DougLap

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM