TOMTOM 50 can't be openned

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Tomtom don't want to start. After werbels (starting sounds) screen loader is loading only to 50%, then screen is being a little more dark and device is stopped. Then device is trying to repair it with tomtom mydrive connect but it doesn't help. My device is a TomTom start 50, do you have any ideas how can i fix it?

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    If as you say the device is tying repair itself ??? Then Recovery Mode has probably initialized on your device.....
    When in Recovery Mode... The device MUST be capable showing as CONNECTED using MyDrive Connect over a USB Cable for the Recovery process to complete....

    Tomtom FAQ....
    Navigation device not starting or displaying a cross....
    I think the device is somewhere between bullet-point (7) & (8)

    Once Recovery Mode is initiated, and a connection to MDC is NOT established... Recovery Mode will continue to attempt to connect to MDC until the Server eventually times-out
    Any attempts at a Restart... The device, will continue to display a Splash screen with Image of a PC and a Red Cross or a Screen displaying a Spinning disc, until Recovery mode can establish a connection to MyDrive Connect or the Server eventually times-out

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