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Hi all,
I’m not sure I can ask this question on this forum, but seeing as they are no longer making wearables, they can’t really complain can they?
My trusty Adventurer is starting to die. The screen is flickering and sometimes it is just white.
I love the features of the adventurer, in particular the breadcrumb and map feature for hiking and would like to replace this watch with something with similar features. Has anyone found anything that they’d recommend? I haven’t managed to spot anything with the same features (perhaps the Apple Watch, but I would need a subscription app to use it).
Any help would be appreciated. It will be sad to see the Adventurer go. It’s been on many hikes and adventures with me.
Thanks in advance


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    Look at the Coros lineup, they are coming out with watches with great feature sets for a great price. There is also always any of the Garmin models. Go to and read his reviews, they are the go to source for everything wearable related.