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Hi there hope anyone can help me solve this problem.
I recently brought a XL IQ Routes from online. It was working fine until I connected it to TomTom Home this morning. It first freezed for the whole afternoon after I tried to update the device. Then when it starts again the map won't show up and keep showing "unable to use the map New Zealand on your device". and it won't go any further. It is the only map on the device.
So does anyone know how to fix it please. so I can continue to use the device. I noticed that it is old and not possible to update or purchase any new maps. But I only need the NZ map to manage the day to day use. Thank you.

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  • danchoo
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    Hi Vikram
    Thank you very much for your help. It's good as new now.
    Just one more question, is there any way to do map update in the future for this XL IQ routes?
    Thank you again
  • VikramK
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    Hi @danchoo
    Unfortunately, the device is declared EOL. So the new maps updates will not be available .

    Regards, Vikram