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How to you connect the Rider to 2 headsets concurrently so the rider and pillion can hear the Rider instructions? I have Sena 30K intercoms and the Rider 500/550 will only connect to either the Rider or Pillion headset but not both at the same time..

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    Shame, thats what I suspected. Thanks for your feedback.
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    I tried my suggestion below.... It kinda works
    Its prefect with the one channel connected to ear buds....
    BUT the channel that's connected to the Headset was awful...
    The spoken instructions are choppy and severely truncated.... :/


    I use one of these connected over Bluetooth to my Rider 400 when I’m driving a Self-Hire panel van
    The 3mm male/male jack plug is removable and I plug in a pair of standard ear buds


    I Also use one of these...

    TT-BA07 Bluetooth receiver and 2 Channel Bluetooth Transmitter....
    I use the device in Transmit Mode connected to the Sony TV Headphone jack with 2 Bluetooth Headphones each Headphone connected to one of the available Bluetooth Channels....

    I have no Idea if this will work ??? But here goes
    Pair the Bluetooth receiver to the Rider 500/50 (The one I use in a Panel van)

    Connect the 3mm output jack of the Bluetooth Receiver
    To the 3mm input jack of the TT-BA07 Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter
    With the TT-BA07 set to TX (Transmit)

    Pair each Headset in turn to the 2 available Bluetooth channels
    The Headsets will auto connect the next time they are used....

    I suppose you could use 2 TT-BA07 Bluetooth receiver/transmitters....
    One set to Receive the other set to Transmit

    Use the above at your own discretion....
    Stay Safe... ATB YFM