report not accepted

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Report ID of MapShare: 84be3afe-174e-43c2-b226-522416ed0625
Why result not accepted?



  • Niall
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    As this is a user forum, what did you report where? Others can then verify the details and also report it. :)

    @VikramK Any feedback on why that ref was not accepted
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Marco1993
    Did you enter the valid speed limit and the direction when submitting the report?
    I wanted to confirm this because the report could be rejected if the team does not have enough data for validation.

    Thanks, Vikram
  • Marco1993
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    @Niall just i have do a t-red report on MapShare but it was reject.

    not need to report a speed limit for a t-red camera without speed camera on him.
    The direction was correctly reported.
    And i have linked 2 image with the allert of t-red box and the t-red box orientation.

    But is not a problem just i was confuse because 4 report 3 accepted with the some structure of report and the last not.

    In case i will re-report with more attention.
    Thanks anyway for the answer @VikramK and @Niall