Deleting maps on GO 6000

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Hi. How do I delete some maps on my Go 6000. I wont be going to France etc therefore I don't need these maps taking up space.


  • dhn
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    When you connect the device to the computer with MyDriveConnect running, go to the 'Content' tab for maps. It should show the ones installed on the device with a 'remove' button for each of them. (that is, if there are more than one on the device).
  • deputydoug55
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    I am using the latest software update for MyConnect. When I link up to my device, VIA 1605TM, and go to the content tab, and click on the installed map that I want to remove, there is no remove button for that map. The device is "connected." Answers?????
  • DougLap
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    Hi @deputydoug55

    Just a guess but:-

    1 Is it the only map on the unit? The TT unit swill not let you delete e the only active map on the device as it is needed to be able to start the device.

    2 Is it the only map on the internal memory and if so can you currently select the other maps on the extra memory card?