Problems with Map, Speed Camera and Traffic updates

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I have 2 devices, GO 620 wifi, (serial no ZE1xxxxxx86) and GO Professional 620 Wifi (serial no. ZE4xxxxxx0413). The Go Professional is telling me that my maps and speed camera updates have expired (I thought the GO 620's had lifetime maps, traffic and camera updates....)
I have subsequently purchased annual Map subscription, Speed Camera subscription for both devices - payments were processed and accepted.....
I now discover that the Professional model needs these subscriptions, but does not "do" the live traffic service...
and the GO 620 wifi doesnt need these updates, so I have now paid way more than I had to...
1. Why didn't your system let me know when I purchased the subscription updates for ....00986, that they were not required? Can this purchase be reimbursed?
2. How can I apply the purchased updates to the professional 620 .....00413, or can I down/upgrade it to the same as my other GO 620?
frustrated, confused, and over budget!

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