Updates Taking Hours To Do

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I have just spent about three hours trying to up date my sat nav. At the end of that the sat nav could not find any GPS satellites!!! Another hour wasted following through on your next to useless instructions on how to up date because of a GPS weekly roll over (or something like that). You small app for finding that problem eventuality worked. Why on earth (or space) could you have included that diagnostic routine into the front end of the main update. You obviously knew about it!!!!

Considering I have a Internet speed here over RJ45 network cable of 37 Megabits your servers really need upgrading as the slowness of the up dates are at you end. Just read the many comments in the forum relating to your server lowness when doing updates.


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    Hi! Every three month, only one hour tu update the map of Europe on my GO6200 ( more than 9Gb).
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    I'm using a Win10 PC hard-wired to the Router....
    Virgin Media Broadband 110 Mb/s

    Updating my NAV4 GO 5000....
    Full Europe map size 8.5+ GB
    Virgin Media Broadband 110 Mb/s
    NAV4 GO 5000 over USB using MyDrive connect....
    Map Download only... 10mins 55seconds (Stopwatch)
    Download + Install... Total 1hr 4mins 37seconds (Stopwatch....

    I updated the Full Europe map v1047 size 9GB+
    Obviously for me, updating the GO 6200 over USB with MyDrive connect running in the background is the Faster option than using Wi-Fi....
    NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Devices update on the fly i.e... No Download/Upload/Install

    I'm happy with an 9GB+ Map update in 23Mins 24secs (Stopwatch)

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    I finally tried ejecting it and remounting it and everytime it got another step further through the process - or at least it then acknowledged it, I suspect it did it all in first pass and it's just the acknowledgement that is messed up.