the update tomtom go keeps crashing

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i had tomtom go android installed on my device, done the update through google play and now it will not properly install, it keeps saying "something went wrong" and i cant load the previous version !!!!!!


  • lampard
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    Hi @Gaz1292

    Welcome to the Community! Are you offered to download the update 2.2.1 of the Go Navigation App? You can try to make a clean reinstall of the existing app by following the steps below and see if it helps!
    • Go to the Settings of the Phone.
    • Go to ‘Applications’ (maybe called different depending on the OS version used).
    • Go to ‘Application Manager’ (maybe called different depending on the OS version used).
    • Find the app in the list you’d like to uninstall and tap on it.
    • Click ‘Force Quit/Force Stop’.
    • In the ‘Storage’ section, tap first ‘Clear Cache’ and then tap ‘Clear Data
    • Here, tap on ‘Uninstall’.
    • Log out of the Playstore.
    • Delete Android / data / com.tomtom.gplay.navapp and Android / OBB / com.tomtom.gplay.navapp.
    • Open the Playstore login and reinstall the app on the internal memory (Not on SD Card).
    • Once done please close all the apps which are running in the background reboot the phone.
    • Reopen the TomTom app and test.
    Regards, lampard
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    I have the same problems, the application after an automatic update to latest new version can't start, first start it hang in "preparing your app to get map" and it should force close, next time when you open the app it start loading and hang!
    I was do all instructions step by step but wasn't help, Any solution please?
    Thank you in advance
  • peterdeboes
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    Also updated payed android version.
    Starting the app : no maps available.
    When I click OK, the app crashes (closes).
    Did the step by step instructions for a clean install, but with the same result : the app gets stuk and crashes immediatly when trying to get maps.

    Quick solution please
  • paba
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    If you have inserted sdcard maybe this will help as per
  • Juber
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    I did the reinstall as Lampard instructed above, app still crashes. Any other suggestioms TomTom? Pre-update the app worked fine.
  • Juber
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    I have the paid version of the GoMobile app. After the update the app keeps crashing at startup. Did the reinstall as you instructed above (twice). Then the app works fine for a brief moment. After that moment the app goes back to crashing at startup again. Any other suggestions TomTom? Pre-update the app worked fine.

  • ArekHH
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    I went back to version 2.0.7 and it works fine. All the following stop in preparation for loading maps
  • TV105
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    Tomtom, will there be an update that works?
  • TV105
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    @Tomtom, I just don't get it...

    Welcome to the Community! We do not support installation on Android head-unit/In-Dash system.

    The Mirroring of the app on in-dash system is only supported with the GO Navigation app on selected Toyota Yaris models in Brazil.

    Regards, lampard

    I bought and used TT since 2010 on my Iphone 4. I've always paid for it, and used it on a head unit since 2017. With the latest update I cannot use it anymore. Such a pity, another lost customer. Can you please refund my yearly fee? Thanks!
  • Tattoohh
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    don't see a stable update so far. I went back to the old version 1.18 and it works perfectly on Note9 and Joying Autoradio. New versions from 2 ..... are unstable, they do not run on many devices, the routing algorithms are unacceptable and I am chased by an additional 10 kilometers over motorways to avoid traffic jams that are not really there! Synchronization of route selection does not work and the colors of the map are even faint and lifeless! As always, TomTom needed to improve something: D
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