Cannot load maps on Carminat SD card

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Good morning.
I write from Italy but there is no Italian forum so I apologize for my English.

I’m trying to update my Carminat tom tom but I have problems. I’ve always used in my navigator
the Renault SD card that I had been given at the car dealership. Suddenly it stopped working (the pc no longer recognizes
it), so I bought a new sd card (2gb with FAT32 formatting), I initialized the card
in tom tom (as explained on
and then I downloaded all the updates via the Tom Tom Home program.
Then I inserted the SD card into the navigator and all the files were installed; however, the message "cannot load maps" appears.

Could you please help me?
Thank you in advance for your help and I apologize again for my English.

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    I am trying to update my Scenic card for new maps and live

    Having gone through the Tom-tom update and purchased updates the upgrade seems to be hanging at Step 1

    Downloading the maps to my card has taken over an hour and is still working. The blue indicator is still flashing

    Help please?