Reroute on closed roads

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Is there a way to get a TomTom GPS to do an automatic reroute if one comes on a closed road? Today I ran into that situation and even after marking it as closed and uploading that my GPS wanted me to take that route, which was impossible to do. It seems like a no-brainer that an easy to use way to reroute around closed roads should be provided.


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    No there is no “Roadblock reroute” feature in the Rider.
    You have to find your own alternative.
    • Follow the detour signs and te Rider wil pickup the Route after the detour.
    • Zoom out to find your own alternative route. Because the route will be recalculated it is advisable to load your track again without hitting Drive. The way you see the original path. Press the arrow above zoom to change the view. Just hit drive when you are back on track.
    • Plan a new route to the end of the roadblock. Reload the track when you are there.

    On my website you can find “GPX Track 2 OV2” and “Load Track” that enable you to display the original trackpoints. This way it’s even easer to find a alternative route by just zooming out.

    The new NDS Android Go app already automatically recalculates an alternative route at a known roadblock. So maybe in the feature it is also an option in the Rider platform.