Using a keyboard in TomTom Go Navigation for Android 2.2.3

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I was testing a normal keyboard with the TomTom Go Navigation app for Android.
It is possible to use the keyboard but not all options are working.

This is a summary of what I figured out during this test;
Arrow Up, Arrow Down and TAB key navigate between options. For example, View – Sound - Menu – Search in the main screen.
Arrow left and Arrow right navigate between options on the same line or between typed text.
Enter key, Space (the 5 between Arrow left and Arrow right with Num Lock off) – Open selected function.

Main Menu I can use the keyboard
Search – keyboard works fine
Drive Home, Drive to work – keyboard works but difficult to navigate
Current Route/Track – Main menu work submenus like Avoid part of Route same problem as My Routes.
Resend Destinations, My Places and My Routes menu - keyboard can’t be used for selecting places and routes.
Parking lot, Gas Stations – Works but default focus is set wrong to the back option.
TomTom Services - I can change the settings but the selected options is not highlighted (Highlight works in the settings and TomTom Labs menu)
Settings, TomTom Labs and About - keyboard works fine
Menu edit – unable to select this option.

Is it possible to fully integrate keyboard support in this app? Especially the + and – key to zoom like some other navigation apps. This way I can use the controller on my handlebar to zoom and select options. This will be easier than using the screen with all options so close together.


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    Thanks, @RoadRider !

    Sorry about my late reply, I'll log this as a feature request for my team but not sure if it'll be considered any time soon.

    Regards, lampard