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Add GPS co-ordinate to My Places

I wish to add several French hotels to My Places. The Logis site gives GPS co-ordinates as eg 48.4028 - 7.3305.
I go to My Places/AddSearch/Whole Map/Latitude and Longitude and enter the above which I assume is a "Decimal Co-ordinate". All I get is "Co-ordinate out of range. Go 6100 with World Maps and Europe installed

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  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,990
    edited September 2020
    Welcome to the site...
    Method... (1) Use the Tomtom MyDrive Web Route planner....
    Method... (2) Transfer the individual Google Map locations manually to the MDW Route planner
    MyDrive Web Route planner....
    With Google Maps and the MyDrive Web Route planner both running
    (1)... Type the location into the Google Maps Search Box and Right-click on the offered location marker and select 'What's here'
    (2)... Right-click on the Map at the required location and select 'What's here'
    (3)... A small window opens at the bottom of the screen... Click on the displayed Coordinates... the Coordinates are now displayed in the normal Search Box
    (4)... Copy the Coordinates & Paste them into the MyDrive Web Route planner (Press Enter on your Keyboard) the MDW Route planner will Zoom to the location....
    Right-Click on the Icon to....
    Send Destination
    Add to MyPlaces
    Use as Starting point
    Plan Route
    If you have a Route already planned....
    Right-Click on the Icon to add a Stop

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
  • alan6000alan6000 Posts: 26 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Hi YamFazMan

    Thanks for the exhaustive info. I am grateful to you for replying.

    I will give it a try later but my first reaction is that it is bit of a long way round to do what should be relatively easy.

    However why is it necessary to use Google Maps as an intermediary when I already have the co-ordinates. This seems a long way round when surely the facility already exists in TT My Places.
  • alan6000alan6000 Posts: 26 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    OK I have managed to determine the problem from a youtiube video at


    On the screen of the Go6100 where you enter the coordinates the format example is shown as

    54.433182 - 1.463234

    This is incorrect

    It works fine if you just have a single space without the hyphen ie

    54.433182 1.463234

    The Tomtom Video above shows the co

    Looks like another TomTom cock up
  • alan6000alan6000 Posts: 26 [Prominent Wayfarer]

    Thanks again. I have been trying to post that solution for the last hour or so and it just will not post for some reason. I surmise that it rejects posts which include a web address. I found on youtube.

    Actually the problem is that on the actual device, the format shown on the screen is

    48.4028 - 7.3305

    and it does not work. It does work fine if you omit the hyphen and one space.

    A TomTom cock up I'm afraid.
  • alan6000alan6000 Posts: 26 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Hi YFM

    Well my posts eventually came through. I tried many times to post my reply but every time I received a small message at the bottom of my screen saying it would be posted after it was checked. I never saw the message until about the 10th time as it was so small and lasted about 3 seconds. Is this normal as I never experienced this on previous occasions.

    Anyway thanks for your efforts. As I said, I had solved the issue but was unable to post the reply so sorry for your wasted effort which was anyhow appreciated.

    The problem is totally down to TomTom device software showing incorrect format information on its screen with the addition of a hyphen between the two co-ordinates. I had tried "space-hyphen-space" and just hyphen but didn't think to try just the space alone. I attach a file showing this problem on my Go6100

  • alan6000alan6000 Posts: 26 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Just had a thought that maybe the TomTom display is correct but confusing. It could be that the longitude coordinate is not preceded by a hyphen but is meant to be a negative sign.
  • alan6000alan6000 Posts: 26 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Yes I just checked it out and using a negative sign does work.

    Just a bit confusing if this is the first time of using lat/long locations.
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