TomTomGo Android and HFP

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Anyone know of anyway to get it to work with HFP over bluetooth? Its a shame the app doesnt support it when Tomtoms other sat nav, Amigo on Android does and works really well


  • lampard
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    Hi @Cjuk81

    Thank you for your feedback! Certainly, we don't currently support HFP protocol with the GO Navigation app but I'll forward this as improvement feedback to my team.

    Regards, lampard
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    While forwarding suggestions to your team please add another, and one that I have mentioned before: that either in their installation programs or as a separate utility TomTom allows users to clean up any and all of the TomTom crap of files and folders that past installations have left scattered across multiple locations in internal and external storage. Staff regularly need to offer advice here about deleting stale and abandoned files and folders in various locations but TomTom navigation apps are offered in the Play Store as being suitable for non-technical users and not only for the hackers and nerds who have the tools and skills necessary to perform storage surgery.