Using GO Navigation in UK - Why is the app only American?

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Hi all
I have TTG installed on my android phone. Previous versions worked fine. After an update I noticed roundabouts had become rotaries. No problem, I can live with that.
However, the most recent version seems to be fully American. Now, I find that Avoid motorways has become avoid Interstate highways.
The problem is, avoid interstate highways includes all A roads too. Obviously America doesn't have A and B category roads. The text to speak doesn't even pronounce A and B. It says ah and beh.
I'm using the UK Serena TTS.
This makes the TTG pretty useless for UK use. I can't be the only person to notice this?
So, I guess there's a UK version??
If so, how/where do I get that?

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  • dezmo
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    Hi @lampard

    I'm not a native English speaker, don't really know the differences.
    So I'm curious what kind of English using by TomTom in my case? And why?
    My phone language set to: English (Germany).
  • TrevorUK
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    Hi Lampard,
    Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Your advice was correct, I had the phone language set to English USA. This causes the route options to be set for the USA. I have set my phone to English UK and the options are now correct for the UK. Avoid motorways rather than avoid interstate etc.

    Thanks again
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    it's the same on the maps for cars, in UK it's motorway but the system always says Highway