Unable to set to default globeView on button click in TomTom in android

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Based on the specific requirement, on pressing the zoomout option in the Tomtom ZoomBarView, I am trying to show globe view to the user. While it zooms out using the below code:

getMapHolder().getMap().getCamera().updateProperties(new CameraUpdate().zoomOut(), ZOOM_INTERPOLATION, ZOOM_DURATION_LONG);

I am try to set it to a default globe view where the user can see the globe on pressing zoomout. I tried the below code which didn't workout:


Please help me resolving this issue.


  • rider1rider
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    what is your question about?
  • Animesh
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    @rider1rider on pressing zoomout, instead of zooming out for a duration, I want to show the globeview of the map with a particular scale parameter. Please find the attached image


    On pressing the zoom out button, I want to show this globeview to user all the time.