2 devices work as a copy, always take the same destination without entering anything

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I now have 4 TT devices in one account. That went beautifully until I bought a rider 550 for two months. The other device that comes into the story is the Rider 40.
The updates run perfectly, and I also make sure that as much as possible the latest updates are installed.
Both TT have a connection with Tomtom via the iPhone.
When both devices are on, both connected to Tomtom via the iPhone to get current information, something very strange occurs. I enter a new trip on one of the two devices, the other device reports that it has received a new destination and both start navigating to the same destination.
If I delete the current route on one, the other also says "route deleted" almost immediately. Both planes become one, as it were, and driving to 2 different destinations becomes impossible.
To navigate to 2 destinations anyway, the connection via iPhone must be disconnected, and then you have no more traffic information, no speed cameras ...
An account can hold up to 10 devices, it can never be the intention that you can no longer navigate separately!
Am I doing something wrong ? Do I have to set something else somewhere ???
Would like your opinion.

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    Yes I had the same problem and with two times the Rider 550 it is even worse.
    You can also just stop the synchronization with MyDrive in the menu.

    My solution is using two separate MyDrive accounts.
    I have made a simple app for the PC to upload tracks to multiple MyDive accounts. This app is called “Load Track” and can be downloaded from my website.

    Klinkt bekent. Ik had hetzelfde probleem en met twee keer de Rider 550 is het nog lastiger.
    Je kunt ook alleen de synchronisatie met MyDrive uitzetten in het menu.

    Mijn oplossing is het gebruiken van twee losse MyDrive accounts. Ik heb een klein PC. programmaatje gemaakt waarmee je eenvoudig tracks kunt versturen naar meerdere MyDrive accounts. Dit programma heet “Load Track” en kun je op mijn website downloaden.