Irish Post Codes - Eir Codes

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I cant seem to get these to work on my new Go 620? Does TomTom support Irish Eir Codes?


  • omolloy
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    Appalling in fact that you do not support Eircodes - extremely disappointing to find this out AFTER I buy the car!!
  • Sean_Mc_123
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    ok, thanks for the reply Vikram. What would be of interest is a plan/dates for release of support for Eir Codes. it is outrageous that they are not supported....and in my case, even more so given that I was assured by the UK support number that they were...BEFORE I made the purchase! Back to using Googke for Irish post codes!!
  • Younger06
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    Sorry to resurect this........but is there any future plans to support Eircodes on the TomTom maps ???
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Younger06

    The Eircodes are recognised by the MyDrive Webpage and on my Iphone MyDrive App so I can send the route to my PND units. The codes also are recognised in the IOS version of the latest GO Navigation App. I cannot say if they also work on Android version.

    Regarding the future inclusion then you will need one of the Mods on here to answer that if they know.

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    Just bought the tomtom and basically it can't seem to find anything in Ireland! It couldn't find the 2 main secondary schools in Killarney, couldn't find the local GAA clubs, couldn't find the soccer club. I can find them all on goggle maps. is this the norm for TomTom - I am really surprised how absolutely useless it is. I then thought I would use the eircode instead but that doesn't work either. Are other Irish users having the same problem. is there another brand that actually works in Ireland
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    Just got the Camper GO sat nav device and really disappointing seeing that eircodes which are very standard here for travel are not supported. I said I would give my feedback on the Irish Motorhome enthusiasts Ireland facebook site (almost 5k users) and would appreciate an update regarding eircodes and where it is on the development roadmap.
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    How can I recommend your GO Professional 6250, to other professional Drivers. If you don’t even have such a basic service as Eircode?
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    absolutely ridiculous that eircodes are not provided. my next sat nav will be will not be a tomtom
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    Is eircode available on Tomtom Go 6200 now and how is it entered in SatNav