Road not used by TomTom - Any hints?

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I recently discovered that when wanting to go to Torre Fundeira (place of Gavião in Portugal) the GPS was always senting to a route I know is way to long. Finally I discovered why. The GPS doesn't recognize a road in the route, so it sends my to an alternate route.

I send 3 pics in attach, the first using TomTom online route planner, the second is the same but zoomed in, and the third is the same route using google maps.

The route is always the same, from Rua Taipa in Mação to Torre Fundeira in Gavião, but using TomTom I spend 18 minutes against 6 minutes if I use google maps. All this because TomTom don't use a road that goes directly between this two places, and google does. The strange thing though is that the road, as you can see in pic 2, is recognized by TomTom.

Any hints?

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    If you place a Stop on the Far side of the bridge....

    The route will use the bridge....


    But the device flashed a Warning 'Includes Unpaved roads' ???

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    Hi YamFazMan.

    Thanks for the response. The road in question is not an unpaved road, is the continuation of the road. In the filter used in TomTom route planner I allowed the use of unpaved roads, but nonetheless, if it considers it as an unpaved road, it still didn't use it.

    I discovered this flaw in my car GPS which is powered by TomTom, and is up to date. The last update was in november 2019, I guess. The strange thing though is that in my car GPS the road doesn't exist at all as you can see in the picture attached.

    Any hints on what to do?