Why after I uninstalled a map now I am trying to install the update map, my microSD card is not r?

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I uninstalled my US & Canada map and I tried to install on exactly the same card but now its not recognized and when I am going to settings, format card I receive message that the card will format by TOMTOM so I can upload it. But it does not seem to be formatted and I can do anything. Whats the matter?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @RaduG

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    Could you install a smaller map like Venezuela to the internal memory of the device? That will act as a backup map to avoid- no maps found situation.

    Once you have a smaller map installed, remove the memory card from the device and format it on a computer first, and insert it again(into the device).

    The device will ask if you wish to format it again and allow it to format the card.
    Now connect the device to MyDrive Connect and check for new map updates..

    Regards, Vikram
  • DougLap
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    Hi @RaduG

    Just to add to Vikrams post when you format the card in your PC do a Full Format , not. a Quick Format, to Fat32.