RIDER 550 Bluetooth Debacle!

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Hi All,

Reading through all the long lists of Rider bluetooth issues, which I have too...

I have a Glaxy Note 9, Sena Neotec 2 Headset and the Rider 550...

Since day one, like many of your here, Iv had issues. Either it connects and doesnt work, or it doesnt connect... I like others had read the adverts which said it would work with voice call, any calls, traffic, etc etc, and yet the best I managed to get was a brief directions input... The phone never worked in any form.

Ive been onto TomTom support, who have cleverly withdrawn their voice calling support so we cant actually talk to anyone and get an instant answer. Then outsourced their online support to people who cant speak English and clearly dont read the information sent to them.

Ive been batting back and forth with them for three weeks now, and have been told everything from it does work to its not compatible...

When told it was not compatible I asked for a refund and compensation for loss of time, and the fitting and removal of the useless thing to my bike when under trade descriptions they were clearly in breach as it does not do what it is advertised to do....

Funny how since then theyve begun ignoring me... Ive chased 3 times but still nothing. Even with the covid excuse of understaffing, theyve had plenty of chances to refund me and havent.

Id take it back to my dealer who sold it me, but they only do credit notes and dont sell Garmins, which is what Ill try next. So I need my money back. When I spoke to the dealer they were amazed it didnt work. They sold me the headset too and hadnt been told there were any connectiveity issues or non compatability issues by tomtom...

So needless to say, Im not impressed...

Has anyone here managed to get their money back?


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    No Bluetooth issues here with my Rider 550, Interphone tour and Motorola Moto x4.

    The Interphone Tour has intercom reconnection problems but this is a know Interphone issue also with other PND’s.

    Did you clear the hidden cache on your Samsung? This is a known Samsung issue.
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    Your very Lucky then is all i can say.

    Yes i did the hidden cache clear as shown on one of your threads. But still no luck.

    The headset works gone with the phone. But nothing wants to work with the tomtom.

    Ive tried all the tricks listed here. All recommendations by tomtom support and nothing.

    I can get directions to the headset. No issue. But i have no telephony capability. Itll show ringing on the screen but wont let me accept or decline via the rider. I cant initiate calls either. The only time ive ever had success was once where i sat with the phone in my hand. Screen unlocked. Mydrive app open. Mamaged to initiate a call through the rider via google now. But after that it wouldnt reinitiate google now. So its a one hit wonder. Totally useless.

    Now tomtom tell me they wont issue a refund cos i bought it from a shop. But the shop dont give refunds only credit and they dont sell alternatives like garmin. So id be out of pocket.

    As far as im concerned tomtom are liable under FCA and FTA agreements.

    I want my money back. Its useleas to me