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Tomtom 5100 no or very poor GSM/GPRS signal


Own a 5100 tomtom with build in SIM card. The problem is that very often (95% of time) i can not use traffic/my drive features because of error (no internet connection).

No matter in what country i am.
I have been told that this was reported to TomTom and technicians are working on it but have not been provided with any link to it and TomTom has not announce any issue to make us users aware.

The problem is this is happening for a good couple of weeks.

Can i have an update and ETA of when the issue will be resolved? It will cime as a update or?

Was thinking about to upgrade to premium x but to be honest i doubt will do this with this servise (gsm) issues when nobody is able to resolve this.


  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 776 [Revered Pioneer]
    check with the customer support, this is a public forum. seen some posts about connectivity issues in belgium.
  • adixxadixx Posts: 10 [Master Explorer]
    Customer support is useless!

    They are in circle asking about same thing. Screenshoots with issue and all information provided are ignored.

    Hence i am shouting in here as i believe there is more customers affected by this.
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