Preserve settings on update (Renault Carminat)

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Every time I install a card update (such as the full card of Europe), the TomTom Carminat erases my Favourites including home location, speech settings (such as calling out road numbers or not) and the speedcamera warning settings (such as the delay and which type of cameras to warn for).

The last two things I don't care much about as those settings are easily set back, but the favourites being deleted is super annoying because it takes *a lot* of time to put them all back in there. Why does a card update remove them?

Strangely, they do stick with my "BeNeLux" card - that one, despite update, retains the settings and favorites. But the "Europe" and "Western Europe" cards always delete it.


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    The way to beat this problem is to convert your Favourites to POIs.

    First, go to Add a new POI Category. Call it _Favourites - first character is underscore - the underscore character places that name first alphabetically so when you choose to navigate to a POI, it lists that category first. Then instead of navigate to a Favourite, you navigate to the Favourites POI.

    Then Add POI and for the address, choose Favourites and add each one. If you change the cards for each map, you will need to do this with each card.

    The POIs are not lost from the mapping when you get a new one.

    Possible alternative - Look in the map folder for each map and see if they contain a file called mapsettings.cfg. Copy and save each one on your computer (with their own names, so that you know which one is which, e.g. BLuxmapsettings.cfg, Eurmapsettings.cfg and WEurmapsettings.cfg) and after downloading the new map/s copy them back in there (restoring them back their original names). CHECK for upper/lower case in the original name, TomTom did it differently for some devices.
    (If this works,) You will need to do fresh copies BEFORE getting the next new map/s then repeat the above process after getting the new map/s.
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    Carminat wrote: »
    The way to beat this problem is to convert your Favourites to POIs.

    Thank you very much for your response and work-around! That's really rather ridiculous. You'd think TomTom would fix such a bug if its been known for so long. ;) I'll give this a shot and pray it works, thanks again! :)