Are the multisport and the app still supported

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I started using my Multisport after a hiatus. It has trouble finding GPS even though the app says 'quick GPS' is up to date. Connecting to the app has been a nightmare. I have had to forget the device and repair it over and over. I did a factory reset and the software says the last update was 2 years ago.
Is this device still supported by tomtom or is it trash now?


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    No, TT Sports went out of business over 2.5 years ago and stopped all production and development. You should still be able to get GPS but the app connections was always troublesome and was never fully fixed and there will be no more updates. To fix the phone connection, try a full reset:

    You first need to remove the watch from the phone's BT menu (in iOS you have it forget the device) after you reset or try pairing again and remove the TomTom_MySports folder from the internal storage of the watch (plug it into a computer and you will see it as a hard drive and can delete it there). The steps are: uninstall the app, remove or forget the watch from the phone's BT menu, factory reset the watch, reinstall the app, select Pair New on the app, select Pair New on watch (press down from the clock and select Phone>Pair New, not Sync) and follow the prompts on the phone. You should not be pairing the watch first through the phone's BT menu; it is all done through the app and you must have the phone forget the watch in the BT menu before re-pairing.

    To fix the GPS try these steps:

    1) Plug the watch into the computer and in Sports Connect, click the Gear Icon
    2) Press CTRL (Windows) or CMD (MAC) on your keyboard while you hover your mouse over the reset button.
    3) You'll see the reset button turns into a "Turn Off" button.
    4) Click it, disconnect the watch and the screen will go dead.
    5) Reconnect the watch and it will wake up and it should now update as usual.

    You need to be updating the QuickGPS file a minimum of every three days by syncing the watch. This caches the expected satellite locations and makes for quicker attainment. Also, do not try to get signal while moving, you are just making it harder on the watch. Best to just sit still with the button pointing skyward (or take it off and place it on a flat surface) until it finds the GPS. Make sure the watch is in an unobstructed area without large buildings, tree cover or reflective surfaces as this will cause a lot of interference. It will also take longer the first time you are in a new location but will speed up thereafter as it caches the location data for that spot. Once you get the Go it is best to give it another minute or two as Go is just the minimum satellites locked on. The longer you wait the more it will grab and the better your signal will be.
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    I did the reset and got to step 4 where the screen went dead but never came back to life! :'(
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    Mklsung wrote: »
    I did the reset and got to step 4 where the screen went dead but never came back to life! :'(

    Did you plug it back into the computer as explained in step 5?