When will my device connect to my iPhone properly via bluetooth or sustain connection all day.

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My device keeps disconnecting from iPhone 11 Pro and its discoverable by bluetooth at all


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    I see, at first try doing a soft reset, also check the Bluetooth settings and make sure that everything is in your preferences. If everything was done and still that happens, then probably it is just saving battery. You can change the battery saving settings in the device.
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    Hi @Gerbil11766

    Try the following.

    Completely forget the TT units Bluetooth connections on the phone and also delete the connection on the TT unit. Having then turned both units Off and On then do the following bearing in mind not to open the My Drive App at any time.

    Go to Personal Hotspot in the iPhone Settings and turn it on.
    Go to Bluetooth settings in the iPhone and turn that on.
    Turn the TT unit on and go to Bluetooth in Settings and select add a phone
    When the TT unit appears in Bluetooth on the phone Tap it and then Tap the pairing numbers when they appear on the phone and TT unit

    The two units are now paired and you should get Traffic etc and also will probably get the handsfree working.

    The problem is as a result of a Security Change when Apple issued IOS13 and later which has stopped the My Drive App working as it should. Although you will not be asked for your Personal Hotspot Password during the pairing it is essential that you have both Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot On when you connect to the TT otherwise the connection will not happen.

    You will not get the messaging facility as that was what the My Drive App involvement was there for but that will not work and it appears a simple or major change to the App is not an option to resolve the issue.

    From now on only use the My Drive App for Route or My place creation etc as you would if in it on the PC.