Traffic does not work on bluetooth

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Traffic works on my device when connected to wifi but NOT Bluetooth connected to iphone11


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    Hi @MikeySmyth

    When Apple produced iOS 13 it included a Security changed which has prevented the My Drive App from operating as it was designed to. It would appear that a simple or major change to the App is not a solution otherwise I would assume the necessary changes would have been made..

    On the iPhone completely forget your current pairing with the TT unit and similarly delete the pairing from your TT unit , which you have not indicated as to which model is involved. Then if you do the following you should get your Traffic and probably your handsfree back again if that is facility that is supposed to be available on the unit.

    Having deleted the pairings turn both units Off and On. Now go to the iPhones settings and turn Bluetooth On then go to Personal Hotspot in Settings and turn that on as well. Now turn the TT unit on and go to Settings /Bluetooth.

    Now the thing to remember is to not open the My Drive App on the phone as far as pairing is concerned or when you are using your TT unit but to purely use it for route creating etc.

    Now with Bluetooth open in settings pair the iPhone to the unit as you would any other device accepting the Pairing numbers on both units. You will not be asked for the Personal Hotspot password but you must have Personal Hotspot on whenever you are connecting to the TT unit via Bluetooth.

    You should now find that the unit connects and traffic is provided as long as the Data option is turned on in Bluetooth on the TT unit and you have selected the Use my location option in Menu/Settings/Settings/Your Information and Privacy. Also handsfree will work as well. however Messaging which the My Drive App was designed to facilitate will not maintain a connection so will not be available.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    That does not work. My phone is connected for calls but still no traffic.
    TT device is GO 620
    Any other advice gratefully received.