TomTom GO Premium instructions cut short

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Advance instructions on my TomTom GO Premium are always cut short: "At the end of the road...", "In 500 yards...". I see this is a common problem with the apps, but how do I resolve it on the standalone in-car device?


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    When you set up the device did you use the UK Voice Serena or Malcolm....
    The Serena & Malcolm voices are Computer voices and have a far greater vocabulary database compared to say the Jane recorded voice....
    The Recorded and Novelty voice are alright for a bit of fun, but they are no match for a Computer voice....

    Check Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Voices... Tap 'Choose a Voice'
    Scroll UP the list as well as DOWN... Sometimes there are Voices ABOVE the Selected Voice as well as below....