TomTom Home for Mac OS 10.13.06 High Sierra

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I am trying to install TomTom Home on my Mac, running OS version 10.13.06 High Sierra. Whenever I try to install the package I get an error message that says "Installation cannot proceed, as not all requirements were met."

I understand that I need to use this program in order to update my Mazda's navigation SD card (NB1 system).

Can anybody please advise of a work around?

I was able to use the previous versions of TomTom Home to update my maps, fine.


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    That could be one of the causes of your problem. IF you are using the latest version of TomTom Home. The latest version I have up and running of this program is

    This is designed for the later Intel Macs using the Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) using the 64 bit version. Many of us Mac users had problems when Apple stopped us computer users using 32 bit apps on our computers. Until after a long wait TomTom brought out the working usable version we have now.

    May be a downgrade in the software you are using may work on your computer?.

    Just to let you know. I too have the NB1 system working in my Mazda. I have not experienced any problems either downloading any updates and installing them on to my SD card. And everything is working fine when using the built in system in my car.
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    Thanks. No version of TomTom Home is working for me. I tried an earlier version but it now tells me that it is no longer supported and it does not function. It prompts me to download the newer version, which does not work as previously mentioned.